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History of Development and Achievements:

>>    1988
Constructed K15 berth that enabled up to 15,000-ton vessels to travel under and 6 new warehouses with a total area of 8,640m2
Installed lighting system to provide 20-lux light to a yard area of 200,000m2.
>>    1990
Constructed new K.15B berth of 175m long, which enabled up to 36,000T vessel to travel under; constructed a frozen container yard with an area of 5,000m2.
>>    1993
Procured and equipped Liebherr LHM 1300 harbor mobile crane which is capable of loading 104T.
>>    1996
Constructed a new container yard with an area of 50,000m2; invested in two Kalmar42T (ReachStackers) container loading trucks and a Liebherr LHM 250 crane with a capacity of 64 tons (26 tons at max reach of 38m).
>>    1998
Constructed and operated K.15C berth with a length of 288m, increasing its total length to 816m.
>>    2001
Constructed a new container yard with an area of 78,000m2 equipped with a harbor mobile crane with load capacity of 104 tons.
>>    2005
Equipped 2 45-ton container loading trucks (ReachStackers).
>>    2006
Ben Nghe Port received the prize on international transport for the 9th time and was awarded a golden cup by the Ministry of Science & Technology.
Invested in upgrading container yard for phase II (5 ha).

>>    2007
The Port was awarded 3rd-class independent medal by the President of State. Continued upgrading 7-ha container yard.
>>    2008
Operated and functioned 2 gantry cranes and 4 tractors.
>>    2009
Invested in newly constructing a 100-ton weighing station.
>>    2010
Operated container goods management software system.
>>    2012
Operated GOTTWALD crane, raising weighing capacity from 60T to 80T.
>>    2013
Decorated office area and performed maintenance of water area in front of the berth.

On June 29, 2007, commenced the construction of Phu Huu Port:

     -          Total area of 24 ha, river gate length of 600m

     -          Constructed vessel berth of 320m length x 33m width, depth of -11.00 m (Chart datum)

     -          Constructed 10ha of storage yard with a capacity of 4 tons/m2

     -          Constructed 3.888m2 closed warehouse system

     -     Invested in the construction of 6 x 1250 KVA power stations, improved lighting and water supply systems

     -          Improved 3,000m2  office area and other auxiliary works